Summer Vacation’s Almost Here!

It’s almost summer vacation! In 3 school days I will be out of school for the summer.

My favourite part of summer is going to the beach with my friends. Normally what we do is ride on drift wood that we find on the shore of the beach and carry it into the water. We also like to catch fish and other sea creatures like crabs, eels and blood worms. Blood worms look like normal worms but have red lines on them. I think they bite.

Every summer my family goes camping at least twice. This year I want to camp at Tree Island for 2 nights. If we go, we will have to kayak there from Goose Spit. It is quite a lot farther than you might think. I am going into a summer camp to paddle board, windsurf, kayak and sail. My family and some of our friends are going to rent some sail boats to sail around in for a day.

What activities do you like to do during your summer vacation?

My Favourite Camp Memory

Thursday morning we got up early to get everything ready for our big day…. I was waking on the soft sand with a soccer ball at my feet. We were about to play beach soccer.

The game started off as a a 2 on 2 game: Greyson and Me vs Andrew and Ethan. Then more people joined. It became 3 on 3 and so on. Eventually most of the boys in the class were playing soccer. My dad started playing too, and the game became really fun.

The ball was kicked every were as we all passed, intercepted, shot, and scored goals. I found it a lot harder to score with a lot of players because the ball was intercepted more easily.

That is my favorite camp memory of grade six.

Edited by: Ethan and Jack

Robotics Club!

My school has a Lego Mindstorm robotics club. It takes place after school on Monday until 4:00.

At robotics club we have groups of 4 people. Each group works together to complete challenges that are made and we freely do our own programing. An example of a challenge is making the robot go around a chair. To be able to do any challenge you first have create a program on the computer. Next you have to use a USB cord to download the program onto the Mindstorm from the computer. Now you can test the program that you created. If it doesn’t work, fix the part of the program that does not work.

Every few weeks we take apart the bot and build a new one to program and try out. A bot that my team built was a multi-bot. Our group decided it because we wanted a bot with a ball shooter. It also had tracks and a bumper on the front of it. If the bumper bangs into a wall or object, the touch sensor will respond and the bot will turn around and go in a different direction. Another thing that the bot has is an ultrasonic sensor. These sensors calculate the distance of objects with ultrasonic sound that reflects off objects and back to the sensor. The sensor calculates the distance of the object with the time it took to reflect back to the sensor. After it reflects back the sensor, the robots controller gets the information and shows the distance on the controller screen.

At the last day of robotics we did a simple challenge. It was to go around the maze then push a toy car to the opposite side of the mat. my team was either the only one or one of the 2 teams to complete the maze without hitting anything and getting the car to the end.

Edited by: Max and Ethan


Imagine the  nice breeze of fresh air blowing into your face.  That is the sensation of  sailing on a small catamaran sailboat called a Hobie-cat. Catamarans are boats with two hulls that the boat floats on. Near the front of the catamaran is a mast that holds up the sail. At the back of each hull is a rudder, 2 rudders in total. And a tiller bar is connected to both rudders. This makes the rudders both turn spontaneously and in the same direction. To steer you hold the tiller bar and push or pull it.

Our class started sailing on the last week of March and we finished our sailing the 2nd week of May. In the summer I’m going to take more sailing training and get my 2nd cat card. Cat cards (catamaran cards) are a card that proves you are able to care for small Catamarans and use them.

My favorite job to do on the boat is to steer. It is fun because I get to have control of where the Hobie-cat goes, especially if it is quiet windy so we go fast! One of the sailing days we went sailing even thou the wind was guesting at 17 nots. For the first hour of the lesson we did wind testing to check the direction of the wind and the speed. When we finished the wind testing, the 2 instructors brought out 2 boats for us to ride on. It was so windy that the instructors had to control the boat with us riding on them. The water splashed on our faces through the trampoline with such force that our faces were stinging. Even through the pain it was my favorite part of sailing.

Edited by: Liam and Darion

S.A.R. tech

This morning a group of people called S.A.R. tech were at our school. What they do is parachute out of air planes and land on our field. Each year we watch them do this. Its quite amusing to watch them slowly glide down to the ground and spin in circles after they jump out of the plane and deploy their parachutes.

When I get older I might want to be a S. A. R. tech as a part time job. They mainly do search and rescue and parachute to the rescue. They also demonstrate their parachuting skills to the schools. I think it would be fun to jump out of a plane parachuting, and (even tho it may be dangerous) para-glide off of a mountain.

I’m pretty sure Ive only been in danger once or twice. When I was in danger I was in a open wave pool in a water park when I was 8. the waves started and I was stuck in the big waves. My parents were freaking out and calling the life guards to get me out, but the life guards didn’t care. Eventually I got out of the pool safe.

Edited by: Max and Liam

Huzzahnian Election

Hello all viewers, this is Daniel reporting on the HNN (Huzzahnian News Network). Today’s news entry is about the Huzzahnian election. Everyone is excited to see the votes unfold!


An injured Huzzahnian citizen about to vote


Chief Electural Officer keeping an adult from voting

All Huzzahnians were allowed to vote that lived in Huzzahnia. In Huzzahnia, only people that are 11 or 12 are allowed to vote. If a Huzzahnian citizen is hurt and in a hospital, and unable to elect, one of their family members has to go to the hospital to swear an oath so the injured family member is allowed to vote. If someone wants to vote but are too old or too young, the poll clerk tells the Chief Electoral Officer to make them leave the polling station. If there are any advertisements for a certain candidate then the Chief Electoral Officer will take it down. They also keep bad people from forcing other voters to vote for a certain candidate. This makes the voting fair and safe.

Now you may want to know; “Who won the Huzzahnian election”? This will be coming up on HNN. I don’t know who got the most votes, but the elected candidates are Max, Jack, and Meghan.

This is the end of HNN news for tonight.

Edited By: Darion and Liam

Kayaking! A Fun Water Sport That I learned out of school!

Have you learned something out of school? Well, of course you did. Kayaking is something I learned out of school.


Kayaking Near Goose Spit

Paddling takes practice and you need to learn how to do it properly. Paddling properly makes you go faster and uses less energy; also with less drag of the paddles on the water. Drag is when the paddle is motionless and submerged in the water while the kayak is moving, or when you paddle slower than the speed the kayak is going. That causes resistance and slows down the kayak.

My mom and dad taught me how to kayak when I was in grade 5. They showed me how to hold the paddle properly, and how to paddle. My family and I do a lot of kayaking in the summer. One of our most favorite places to kayak is around Goose Spit. On the tip of the beach is a really sandy spot that we kayak to. Other places we kayaked around were: Comox Lake, Grey Lake, and Wolf Lake.

Have you ever kayaked before?

Picture By: Shari

Mount Washington, the best place on Vancouver Island

It takes almost an hour of driving up a snowy mountain, but in the end you don’t want to leave. This place is Mount Washington.

In the summer there are walking and biking trails, and in the winter there are snowboarding and skiing trails. The two lodges on the mountain are Alpine and Raven lodge. The Alpine lodge has chair lifts to get to the down-hill skiing, snow boarding and biking trails. The Raven lodge has cross country skiing trails 4377701583_dd1fabe6dd_mand long hiking trails. There are lakes along the hiking trails that have clean water and you are able to swim in them. The skiing and hiking trails are on the same pathway.

I like going to the mountain in the summer because there are long trails to walk on and lakes to swim in. The closest lake is 1 km of walking on the trails and it is called Battle Ship Lake. I think it is called that because it looks like a battle ship. To get to the biking trails you have to bring your bike on the chair lifts. At the top of the mountain are the dirt biking trails that go down the mountain. There are also walking trails going down the mountain.

In the winter the trees are covered over, and there are wide down-hill skiing and snow boarding clearances. This is were the green hills are( beginners), the blue hills(medium difficulty), and black diamond( pro) ski and snowboard hills are. To get to those hills, you have to go up a chair lift to the top of Mount Washington.

Image by: Moosealope

Pysanky Easter Eggs

First of all, you may think “What is a Pysanky egg”? Pysanky originated from Ukraine and is a style of painting that is painted on bird eggs such as ostrich eggs. Pysankys have designs and symbols on them that represent different things like prayer and wealth.

Ukrainians made the Pysanky as a form of traditional art. Traditional style Pysankys involve practice and perfection, let alone patience to not rush the painting.

Since it’s almost Easter, our class participated in drawing Easter stuff on paper Easter eggs. On one side we drew a Pysanky style egg. If you look into the very middle of the pysanky there is the middle of a flower. on the outside of this there is a big rose( 8 parallelograms connected together with symbols inside of them) covering half the Easter egg. I decided to put a half moon with black around it( If you look at it sideways, it looks like an eye) because I wanted to fill in some space with pictures and different colors. I also wanted to draw my own symbol on it. This is my Pysanky here.

The designs that are on my Pysanky are:


My Pysanky Easter Egg


Defense or protection.


Air, fire, water; the Father, Son, Holy Spirit; heaven, earth, hell.


Everlasting life, water.

Pine Needles

Health, stamina, eternal youth.


Christ, or the Four Corners of the World.


Wishes for good health and a good harvest.

Sun and Stars

Love, caring.


love, caring.


Beloved Ukrainian art motif, symbolizing joy and beauty.


Fulfillment of wishes, and fertility. The bird is always shown at rest, never flying.


Christian symbol.



Traditional Pysanky Egg

Prosperity, or prayer.

Deer, Rams, Bulls

Wealth and prosperity.


Pleasure and joy of childhood.

This is a picture of a real pysanky egg.

Image by: Scarlett Woman

Edited by: Max and Greyson